1. What is The Shoe Men?
The Shoe Men is a team of highly skilled shoe people headed by Mr. Saral Budhiraja (Qualified Leather Expert) that provides Shoe and Leather Refurbishment, Laundry and Repair services in Delhi-NCR
2. What kind of shoes can be given to you?
The customer is free to give any kind and any brand of shoe to us as The Shoe Men is well equipped with the most advanced technology to take care of each and every kind of shoe made in the world
3. Do you also do leather bags and accessories?
Yes, we happily welcome leather bags and all kinds of accessories too as we specialize in cleaning them as well
4. Do you also repair shoes?
We do all kinds of repairs (Minor repairs and Major Repairs both) ranging from putting a new pair of shoe laces to putting up a new pair of shoe sole. We also specialize in re-coloring your suede shoes. The color can even be changed to a totally new color.
5. What are the charges?
We have divided shoes into different categories based on Time and Job work required and we charge accordingly. Please click here to see the categories of the shoes. Preferably, we request our customers to get in touch with us (either by visiting our GK store or speaking to us on phone) for better assistance for the charges of the service
6. How can I place the order?
A customer can place an order through any of the following convenient options: a) Visit our GK store b) Visit our website and fill up the order form c) Give us a call and get a pickup scheduled
7. When do I need to pay?
Total payment would be done while handing over the shoes in the beginning and a receipt will be provided in return to the customer right away confirming the same and the expected delivery date.
8. When can I expect my shoes back?
Our maximum TAT (Turn-around-Time) is 7-10 business days. Repair work can take some extra time depending upon the nature and complexity level of repair job to be done, which would be told upfront at the time of taking the articles from the customer
9. How often should I get my shoes refurbished? And, Is there any warranty period for the repair job done?
Shoe Refurbishment & Laundry in an ongoing process like clothes dry-cleaning which makes your article almost new or to say better than earlier. We even have an option of Shoe Water-proofing which would make your shoe (especially suede shoes) water repellant, protecting them from catching stains and getting dirty easily.

We recommend getting your shoes refurbished once every 3 months if worn normally under normal weather conditions. Shoe refurbishment requirement depends majorly on the usage of the shoe. We highly recommend wearing a pair of shoe every alternate day.

Yes, we believe in doing quality repair work and standing by it for a period of 91 days (Whereas a new shoe comes with a warranty period of 90 days). For getting the shoes repaired again, we request our customers to present the bill given at the time of first repair done.